The Author, Dr. Bruce Kraig

Dr. Bruce Kraig has loved hot dogs since his first bite at Nathan’s when he was 5 years old. Since then he has studied hot dogs, and for over 25 years, has been the leading authority on the culture of Hot Dogs. Bruce Kraig, Professor Emeritus at Roosevelt University, regularly publishes and speaks on the topic of World and American foodways. He has published widely on the history of hot dogs, including the book, Hot Dogs: A Global History, which recently won a Paris Book Fair Award. As the authority on the culture, lore and history of hot dogs, he has appeared often in national media, including documentaries by the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. As the leading expert on hot dogs, Kraig has appeared on ABC Nightline, Martha Stewart Radio, ABC national News, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and in the spring of 2009, CBS News, WGN and NBC News Chicago, as well as BBC News and Radio New Zealand-all about hot dogs.


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