The Aces Casino Blog: 2-For-2! Not Bad, But We Can Do Better. (As Long As We Have Honey, The "Super-Bowl-Predicting Dog" Doing The Picking! But First, Some Historical Background On How We Got Here

(Ed. Note: The Annual “Aces Casino Blog Super Bowl Selection Series” was one of our favorite treks into the Blog’s “Theater of the Bizarre” from our inception in 1994, to February. 2016.  The various animals that made all of our picks racked up 21 ...Read More

The Aces Casino Blog: If You’re Looking For a Place To Brush Up On The History Of Godzilla, You’ve Come To The Right Place (Where’s The Peanuts?)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, well known around these-here-parts as the top Orange County Casino Party Company on the west coast, we just love interesting trivia (Ed. Note: AND interesting casino games, too.).  And nothing has sparked some back-and-forth discussions in the halls of ...Read More