Crib Bedding Sets

Crib Bedding Sets

When it comes to purchasing bedding or bed spread sets for your baby the actual design and colour of the bedding is far more important to the parent than to the baby. Your baby would not care what colour the crib bedding set is, what the design looks like, or how pretty it might look. The only thing that will matter to your baby is whether they are comfortable in the position they sleep in and whether they are hot or cold! Before concerning yourself about how beautifully designed your baby’s room must look or what reaction you would like to get from your neighbours and friends, you need to think of safety when it comes to your baby’s crib bedding set!

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When deciding on your baby’s crib bedding set you need to consider that it is not recommended that any pillows or duvets should form part of the bed spread set for any child that is still under 1 year old. There should not be any item of bedding in your baby’s crib bedding sets that in any way possible can cause suffocation. Although the actual causes of sudden cot death syndrome have not been proven it is widely believed that crib bedding could be one of the causes if not at least a contributing factor.

The standard baby blanket can still be used for your baby if used in the correct way. If you are using a baby blanket in your crib bedding set you should wrap your baby in the blanket and not just cover the baby with a blanket. If you prefer there are sleeping suits available which will prevent your baby from becoming entangled and possibly suffocating. Many people would advise using sleeping suits or wearable blankets rather than the standard baby blanket. There are also sleeping bags for babies available on the market which can be very convenient but can sometimes be too hot for your baby and many babies do not like to feel restricted. The advantage of using standard blankets for your crib bedding set is that you can add or remove layers to keep your baby more comfortable.

When purchasing crib bedding sets you need to consider that these sets will only be for short term use and that it is very possible that by 6 months old when your baby will be able to pull him or herself up that the crib will no longer be suitable at all. If you are taking costs into consideration then you should only purchase enough drib bedding to last you for the first 6 months.

You should ensure that the crib bedding that you purchase is durable as these sets will be used often and will in turn have to be washed often. It would make more sense that you purchase quality bedding that is machine washable and that does not have to be dry cleaned.  You also want to avoid having to few sets of bedding so that you are not forced to have to wash the crib bedding sets too often.