Finding The Best Heated Mattress Pad

Finding The Best Heated Mattress Pad

Cold weather can be hard on anyone, especially the elderly. If you own property in a cold area of the world that prevents you from moving to warmer climates, or if you enjoy the cold and would never consider leaving it, keeping your body warm at night is extremely important for your well-being. Sleep is the body’s natural way of restoring itself. It allows many of your body’s natural defensive systems (like temperature control instincts) to shut down entirely or work at a much slower rate. Because of this, however, your body is unable to protect itself from cold at night, and if you suffer from arthritis or any other condition that might become worsened by extended exposure to cold weather, choosing to purchase heating mattress pads is one of the smartest choices you might ever make.

Old style heating pads have been used for years for everything from ailing a sore tummy to warming your feet on a cold winter’s night. Some of my fondest memories as a child were when my mother would apply our old heating pad if I was feeling poorly.  Now, with modern technology, you can get a pad to cover your entire bed!

A heated, or electric  mattress pad is essentially a warming pad that is placed underneath you while you sleep. Similar to a heated blanket, these heated pads keep your body completely warm from the bottom up. We all know what it feels like to toss and turn in your sleep, and often times blankets, pillows and anything else in your bed might get tossed to the side until you realize it in the morning. Thus, a heating mattress pad that goes under you is much more effective than your standard heated blanket that is placed over you at night.

Depending upon the temperature of your house, you are going to want a heated mattress pad that will keep you as warm as you need to be without making you feel uncomfortable or sweaty. For this reason, temperature adjustment is an extremely important aspect in choosing which type of pad is best for you. You also want to consider the physical feel of the pad; if it wouldn’t be comfortable for you to sleep on, it’s unlikely that you will be able to use it for any extended period of time. If you currently share your bed with a loved one, choosing a heated pad that warms the entire bed can sometimes cause a conflict of interest. If this is the case, consider looking for models that can be set to heat only one side of the mattress, leaving the other half of the bed completely unaffected.

The Best Brands

A Sunbeam heated mattress pad is an excellent choice for savvy consumers. They offer several models, such as quilted, premium, and even waterproof and are extremely affordable. All of the models offer two heating zones, allowing you and your sleep partner the ability to control your sides independently, and the premium model has a preheat feature so that you never have to get into a cold bed again! All are machine washable and dryer safe for easy maintenance and have automatic shut-off timers for safety.

Sunbeam is one of the top-rated heated mattress pads and has received rave reviews. They are a reputable company that has been in business for decades. According to the non-profit Electric Blanket Institute, this makes their product very reliable, as their technology has been unchanged for many years and they are among the most affordable on the market.

When shopping for a heating mattress pad, be sure to do your research! With so many models and types to choose from, it is important to decide which type of mattress pad is right for your specific needs. Most pads are available in a variety of sizes, from twin to king. A review by Good Housekeeping reported that there are also many differences in the pads, including energy-efficiency, whether the covering is thick enough to cover the wires, and the overall feel and comfort of the pads. Their report also indicated that at least one of the models tested had problems with the plug overheating. Other considerations for your purchase might be such things as how user-friendly the controls are, and the durability and ease of maintenance of the heated mattress pad. Whatever your specific criteria, be sure to check out several reviews before purchasing.

Mattress Pad Alternatives

Another option available is egg crate mattress pads. These are very popular and may be a less expensive way to have a comfortable night’s rest. As its name implies, these toppers are shaped like an egg carton, with bumps and dips that are distributed across the front surface. Good quality egg crate mattress pads are made of urethane foam.

Many rehabilitation facilities use these toppers, as they provide excellent support for post-surgical patients, but they have become popular for home use as well. The egg crate pads are approximately 2 – 3 inches thick and offer good support for the relief of pressure points as well as breathability and shock resistance.

Egg crate mattress pads are popular also because of their portability and the ability to cut and shape them to any bed size. They can even be fitted to a chair or sofa, which is ideal for people suffering from post-surgical problems or joint pain.

Electric Blankets

For those who still prefer electric blankets to mattress pads, they are a number of options and materials to choose from. The Good Housekeeping Institute reviewed seven popular models to find the best electric blanket on the market. The tests were completed according to which were the warmest, easiest to use and most energy efficient. All of

The blankets were evaluated to determine how long it would take for the blanket to reach 70 degrees and to cool below 62 degrees. Plug temperatures were checked for safety and electricity use was measured. It was determined that it is possible to save 1 to 2 percent on your energy bill for each degree your furnace’s thermostat is turned down for a period of eight hours. Some models cost as little as $2.10 per month to operate.

The blankets were also tested for durability and maintenance. When consumers were asked to test the various models according to appearance, softness and preferred type of controls, it was determined that the best electric blanket contains dial controls rather than button, and that the most popular material was microfiber fleece.

If you have been considering purchasing a bed model that already offers heating for one or both sides of the bed rather than a heated mattress pad, think again! These bed models can be quite a costly way to stay warm at night. One of the greatest aspects of mattress heating pads is the pricing; you won’t spend more than one hundred dollars for the highest quality heated mattress pad, and basic models can be found for as low as twenty dollars. It is especially important that you choose a heating pad that fits your mattress perfectly, especially if you are planning to take advantage of different heating levels on both sides of the mattress, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the size of your current bed before making any purchase. Keep in that mind that when using a heating mattress pad you will need much less heat provided through your thermostat, so you will also be saving money each month on your power bill.

Sleeping comfortably at night is important regardless of your size, age, or gender. If you currently suffer from back problems, arthritis or any other similar physical condition, having that level of warmth at night is a necessity, not a luxury. With heated mattress pads you can guarantee yourself a warm sleep every day of the year without having to stress over power bills.

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