The Correct Technique To Hang Tapestries In Your House

The Correct Technique To Hang Tapestries In Your House

A tapestry is just a fantastic work of art that may easily become the stand out thing at home. You really do need to look at a couple things when deciding which tapestry to purchase and how to attach it to your own wall. Too big of a tapestry in a small face will overwhelm an area; a little elongated tapestry on a huge wall may look lost. By having a short amount of time to figure out exactly what effect you want, you can save yourself a deal of trouble.

Assess Your Room: Your 1st step should be to take a look at the room that you want to accommodate your tapestry in and evaluate what type of tapestry will suit it most useful and where it should proceed. For those who own a room with many doors and not much open wall space, a vertical tapestry can work best. A long hallway could gain from a string of small tapestries, and also a kitchenette can feature a very long flat bit displayed high on the wall.

A enormous room with a clean wall like a bedroom plus a den can accommodate a larger tapestry; this may either serve as a backdrop for a bestead or couch or face it according to the layout. A accent wall can be also a wonderful location for a larger tapestry – you also are able to pick a contrasting paint color for a background to get your chosen artwork pop.

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Measure two times, acquire once. Allow for space across the tapestry for a balanced look. Nothing is worse compared to simply bringing in a new purchase home and discovering it’s a foot overly wide. If you are in doubt concerning what would seem best, pin up a contrasting sheet and also then determine what the right shape and size is for the distance.

Hanging It Up: There are a number of different ways of hanging your tapestry as soon as you’ve discovered the perfect one. The very ordinary way to hold large tapestries is with a pole – many modern tapestries are woven using a pocket designed to put on the top border flat and also to spread the weight equally. The larger and heavier the tapestry the more sturdy the pole should be, thus a hefty drapery rod with sturdy mounting brackets is preferred fro many tapestry software.

Simply slide the tapestry onto the poleit, and measure just as close as you can to the exit point on either end for the brackets. Use a level to have a direct line onto the wall so your tapestry will hang out stinks. Affix the mounts based on your measurement, then hang on the pole. Your mounts should contain the rod right at which it leaves the tapestry pocket on both sides. Screw on finials and your tapestry will be mounted properly. Tapestries hung in this manner appear to float against the wall.

Yet another method suggested through a few manufacturers counsels sewing a strip of wide Velcro over the leading edge of the tapestry, then stapling the mated strip to your sturdy board. The board should really be painted to reduce chemical interaction with the tapestry, and no glue should be used for precisely exactly the same reason. The board could be mounted to the wall and also the tapestry attached via Velcro. This works best for moderate sized tapestries that aren’t extremely thick, and prevents overeating and rumpling.

Little tapestries may be either framed or stretched or even put in a shadow type box to get a bewitching effect. Lots of folks keep elderly tapestries under glassas sunlight can result in fading and damage. Tapestries should likewise be assessed regularly for signs of damage from insects.

Tapestry Designs: The kind of tapestry you decide on will reflect your own personal preference and identity. Often tapestries are all bought to fit into an current house, but occasionally you have the opportunity to build a space around a center point. This can be when you’re able to find creative, and let your inner spirit dominate.

With each of the selections available now, from local household interior shops to internet designer havens, you may be confident that there was the perfect tapestry on the market especially for you. Only consider all your options before purchasing your very own! With chance, the main one that you select will eventually become a family heirloom and you will be able to pass it to future generations.

Using A Walmartone Mobile Application

Using A Walmartone Mobile Application

A favorite Internet promotion right now is providing visa gift cards from major retailers such as Walmart in worth of 500 or one million bucks. The very first thing that you ought to know about is why these apps aren’t free, and you should not assume that they are. They are valid offers and you’re able to acquire a wal mart gift card to get very little but there are several resources and work involved on your part.

Save yourself funds, live , is your motto that most people today associate with this store. Many enjoy shopping at Walmart due to their inexpensive prices. Although we love shopping on this store, we’re not knowledgeable about where all of stores are located. If people travel they usually have to obtain a WalmartOne mobile app right a way. What should they do when they desire a household product?
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One of the ways to obtain a store is always to call this number. The quantity acts as a Walmart store locator for customers. Another solution to discover a store in your area is to visit the Walmart website. By clicking the tab for store finder, you are going to find a way to locate a store. Clicking will lead one to your search page to narrow down your search. Users are then prompted to type in the city, country, and zipcode related to the store they are searching for.

The wal mart store locator is made using a unique filter component. The filter enables clients to select the services that they desire in Walmart. This really is a good notion of providing clients with what they desire. Service selections incorporate the pharmacy, vision center, auto services centre, health clinics, photo center and the garden and outside center. Clients can locate Walmart stores in the location that you define. Additionally they will manage to choose a super center or even a neighborhood market site.

If you would like to uncover breakfast at your close location in Walmart, then you will have the ability to find many stores. Some may be contained in walking distance of one’s closeness, yet the others might need a quick drive. The Walmart store locator will show you the locations that fit in to your specific category. The services that you need will determine exactly the wal mart store that you select. These searches are beneficial because they make sure you will find every thing which you need at the Walmart of one’s choice.

A fantastic way to keep track of all this is to hold all of your records in a spreadsheet which includes the offer, the deal url, the date you’ve signed , along with an y email contacts you have had with the business. Ensure you save all your cancelation email confirmations just in the event you want these after. I’ve seen ratings for just one thousand dollar Walmart giftcard plus it will cost you about fifty dollars to finish the sign-ups and earn the card. All in all this really is not a poor deal in order to buy things at Walmart for five pennies on the dollar.

WM1 Login — How to Guide

WM1 Login — How to Guide

WalmartOne is an internet portal for Walmart employees along with their associates. Together with WM1 mobile app they can their work programs cover stubs and lots of helpful choices. Additionally, it could also help employees and associates to get in touch to each other.Walmart one also comprises some selfimprovement resource that’ll enable them to get down on the trail. But here we will guide you about WalmartOnce log in procedure.

According to your survey, almost 1.4 million people just work on Walmart per week. It’s like societal networking for WM1 employee and associated manhood. Its enable them to organize every thing at their job.

WM1 mobile app is an online portal site for Walmart employees and their associates. With WalmartOne account they can their work programs pay stubs and lots of helpful alternatives. Additionally, it would also help employees and associates to connect to each other.Walmart one also contains a self-improvement resource that will enable them to get back to the trail. However, here we will guide you about WalmartOnce log in procedure.

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WM1 Log in Process
WalmartOne accounts wants a process to give the accounts access. You’ve got to stick to those procedures on every platform. You may use several devices to acquire logged into, exactly like Computer device, Mobile apparatus too. We will narrate all concerning the WM1 log in process within this informative article.

WM1 Login on Computer
Pc users should stick to this effortless WalmartOne log in procedure. It’s really so easy and fast.

Step 1: Constructed a robust and workable internet connection at your pc apparatus. Next, open your webbrowser and hunt for WalmartOne or you could also go to WalmartOne homepage.

Measure 2: After that, you are certain to get the state web page to get WM1(called the homepage). Click the Register to get the Log in webpage.

Step 3: The log in page of WalmartOne can look in your screen. Just grant the Person ID of your WalmartOne account. At the subsequent option, you have to provide the proper password for the WalmartOne account. When you’ve given that which Click on Log into.

That will be sufficient for becoming logged in at your WM1 account. Today you’ll find all facilities of WM1 from your own personal computer.

WalmartOne Login on Mobile
WalmartOne account can be usable on almost any mobile device if you’ve got a proper target link with your Mobile device. The cell account can allow you to manage everything on the move. You can now get associated with your wal-mart network from anywhere. Follow these simple steps if you want to know more about logging via any mobile product.

Measure 1: Configure secure and workable online connection in the network settings of your mobile network. Then visit the internet browser in your mobile device. Then visit the mobile version of WM1 site.

Measure 2: In this time, you’ll get the mobile form of the standard website of WalmartOne. Just click on the menu bar(icon) of this web page.

That’s all we have for WalmartOne account. We’ve covered all available platforms and platforms, within this tutorial. We expect that your wal-mart Career will proceed longer and best wishes for future. If you think that somethings are missing you are able to talk about your thoughts in the comment section.

Direct Internet TV

Direct Internet TV

We all comprehend that young children are a reward from the LORD. Thus, it is worth repeating that we need to do our very best to nurture them and assist them to advance to their full potentials. Youngsters are at the centre of all that comes about especially in this new age, with many inventions in the like of tv, gaming, computing, centred on kids as a core target audience. This is exactly where we as mother and father do consider additional proper care on things we expose our young children to because no matter how small or grown, our children are, they are always viewing and imitating things these little ones see near them. Television is an inescapable portion of modern habits and forms a tremendously big element of children’s way of life today. Further, with the inventions of computer software such as the Internet TV Software and high technological gadgets, coupled with the introduction of computer learning in the school from as early as Montessori or kindergarten level, kids these days are undoubtedly  getting into a new era of multimedia enjoyment and exposure.

The Internet TV for one has broken totally free of old paradigms and constraints and opened the door to a whole new era of tv leisure for our small kids. We can surely not prevent these little toddlers from enjoying TV Online, particularly if we are personally enjoying it ourselves, as computer and television are undeniable platforms these kids will be exposed to. Further with all the hoopla concerning Direct Internet TV and the plenty of Free Internet TV stations your youngsters can tap into, for example: BabyFirstTV, Starz Kids, Starz Family and Kids, Nickelodeon HD, Walt disney Channel, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, Discovery Kids, ABC Family, Young adults Nick, Game and Craft Shows, Kids’ Cookery Shows, Kids’ Sports Shows, and so forth., it has become irresistable to not enjoy these Free TV Online stations at all.

As far more kids are interested in the Net be it for amusement or e-learning, parents must be careful concerning any detrimental effects the computer could possess on your young children. And as devoted parents, we have to consider steps to assure our kids are guarded from the possible vices out there.

Therefore the one essential tip here would be to be careful and at a similar time take complete use of the fantastic educational channels available on the Live TV as acknowledged above and purge out grownup programs which contain screen violence, hate, criminal shows and pornorgraphic contents from the little angels. In this respect, its really worth mentioning that additionally young children programs can include, violence, discrimination, and even explicit contents, therefore excellent guidelines must be taken to filter those out. For instance, while Teletubbies may be mild, Incredible Hulk toon will absolutely consist of considerable aggression for our kids.

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Additionally, young children must not be permitted to possess a loose run on TV Live, academic assignments and studying ought to be prioritised first, with a restricted number of hours of Online TV as a “carrot” or reward for accomplishing the task. Always bear in mind the fact that Internet TV is a supervised Parents’ ‘treat’ for the kid and not a each day staple ingested without having parental supervision. Raymond Mj is an internet intelligent professional and software expert. He is additionally a customer watchdog who likes to value add to people in coming to the suitable application obtaining decisions. He has done many evaluations of various kinds of computer softwares in the market.

VPN/VPS – How To Setup VPN Tunnels On Your Windows VPS

VPN/VPS – How To Setup VPN Tunnels On Your Windows VPS

VPS Hosting is used for many purposes these days as it can function in lots of ways. VPS Hosting is of two types namely Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Usually a Windows VPS Hosting is preferred more over Linux as it is more user friendly and is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). Because a Windows VPS is based on GUI that is why it is more preferable. Windows VPS is also known as Windows Virtual Server as it is a Virtual Server based on Windows.

People use VPN tunnels more on a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Server because of the reason mentioned above. So now if you are wondering as to how to set up a VPN on your Windows VPS (Windows Virtual Server) or your Virtuozzo VPS here is some information for you. The following are the steps for setting up your VPN VPS. This can only be done if you have the controlling power over your Virtual Server (Windows VPS) in VPS Hosting.

1. The first thing you have to do is confirm that a module called as Virtuozzo VPS TUN is loaded on your Virtual Server (Windows VPS or Windows Virtual Server). You will have to get the TUN module for your VPN VPS so that you are able to establish your Virtual Server. Check if it there or not by typing Ismod | grep tun. It is there if returns anything. But if it doesn’t then you must enter modprobe tun. It is not that hard to set TUN to be loaded automatically. Now all you have to do is to restart your Virtuozzo and enter service vz restart.

2. As a second step you will have to use the Virtuozzo container management tool so that the framework for virtual tunnel device is set. In this step you will have to type a command – vzctl set 101 – devices c:10:200:rw-save. If you get an error after typing this then another command should be executed – vzctl set 101 – capability net_admin:on-save. All these commands should be executed only with the modules that are trusted.

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3. The third step is to create the device on your Virtual Server or your Windows VPS (Windows Virtual Server) in VPS Hosting. After the module has been created in the earlier step, you will now have to now create the device on your Virtual Server or Windows VPS. You need to run the command – vzctl exec 101 mkdir – p/dev/net in order to create a /dev/net folder. Once done, then run the command vzctl exec 101 mknod / dev/tun c 10 200.4. In this step you have to set proper permissions so as to use your VPN VPS. For this execute the command vzctl exec 101 chmod 600/dev/net/tun. This will give you an access to read and write.

Now software of your choice can be used on your VPN VPS so as to connect to it. It will work the same way a physical machine will work for you.

UCVHOST also provides VPN VPS to its clients. We provide good services along with a support that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We also give an uptime of 99.999% for our servers so that you never face any issue. Our VPS Hosting plans (Windows VPS / Linux VPS / Forex VPS) are the cheapest (Cheap VPS).

The Nutritional Value of Apples Is Phenomenal!

The Nutritional Value of Apples Is Phenomenal!

I love apples, especially firm Red delicious. I find the crunching sound and the flow of sweet, juicy nutritious goodness down my throat is therapeutic and refreshing. The nutritional value of apples, whether fresh or dried is phenomenal, which is probably why the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was coined. Another very good thing about apples is that there are so many different varieties, and therefore, you are bound to find one that you like, and can include it in your healthy eating diet. What makes apples so nutritiously good and appealing?

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Apples are ideal snacks because they are highly nutritious, but are relatively low calories. The primary sugar in apples, fructose, is sweeter than sucrose and has a glycemic index that’s lower than that of both sucrose and glucose. In fact, fructose has the lowest glycemic index of all the natural sugars. The fructose in apples is metabolised slowly, which helps control blood sugar levels, a plus point, especially for diabetics.

Apples are a good source of fibre, which helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, possibly protecting against large bowel disease. Fibre in the gut helps retain water and adds bulk to the stools leading to softer stools and prevents constipation.

The soluble fibre, pectin, found in abundance in apples, slows down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream guarding against sudden peaks in blood sugar levels, which may be of particular benefit to diabetics. Pectin, like other soluble fibres, also helps lower blood cholesterol by binding to the cholesterol in the bile. This cholesterol is not reabsorbed but is removed from the body with the fibre as waste. Fibre also binds various toxic materials, including lead and carcinogens, and promotes their efficient excretion and a healthier digestive tract.

Some varieties of apples are an excellent source of vitamins C, which acts as an anti-oxidant and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Note, though, that dried apples lose all of their vitamin C during drying, and as moisture is lost the sugars they contain become more concentrated. Therefore, dried apples contain more calories than fresh ones, pound for pound. Other nutrients found in apples include vitamins A and B1, and some essential minerals and trace elements. The natural plant pigments in the apple skins, the bioflavonoids, are also antioxidants and add to the benefit of vitamin C.

So, eating apples, whether fresh, dried or apple juice, as part of a healthy diet can massively enhance one’s health and health outcomes. Their high nutrition value and low calorie content make apples a healthy snack that can be useful in weight control and management. To get the best benefit, one needs to eat other types of fruits, as well as observing a healthy balanced diet. Generally, choosing more nutrient-dense foods and less calorie-dense foods goes a long way in improving one’s health and nutritional outcomes. Eat healthy, live healthy!

Healthy Smoothies Make Nutritious Snacks

Healthy Smoothies Make Nutritious Snacks

Snacks are important because they satisfy your hunger between meals and prevent hypoglycemia. They also provide additional nutrients. Snacking on the wrong foods, however, can lead to extra calories with very little real nutrition. If you want a wholesome snack, healthy smoothies should be your number one option.

Most people these days lead busy lifestyles. Oftentimes we don’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals for our family, much less healthy snacks. Store-bought snacks are usually high in calories and chemical preservatives but low in nutrients. They can also be expensive.

Healthy smoothies are a popular way to provide nutritious snack foods for the whole family. Everybody likes them because they are tasty, refreshing and easy to prepare. With a good blender, you can have smoothies for everyone in less than ten minutes. Why Smoothies are Healthy

Smoothies are made with whole fruits and milk, fruit juice or other healthy liquids. Some smoothie recipes even include vegetables in them. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

You can add milk, yogurt, soy milk, tofu, protein powder and other healthy ingredients to your smoothie. This delicious beverage can be an excellent source of protein, calcium and healthy fats. How to Make Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are easy to make. You will need fruits of your choice and a liquid such as milk or fruit juice. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. Ice, preferably crushed, can be added to make your beverage colder and thicker.

To make your smoothie, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture is creamy and thick.

You can also add nutritional supplements such as protein powder, flaxseed oil, wheat germ, chia seed, nuts, etc. Ground cinnamon, vanilla extract and other flavors can also be added.

If you need a sweetener, you can use honey, brown sugar or maple syrup. Some people use stevia, a natural sweetener available in health shops.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Try these recipes for a healthy smoothie snack.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

1/2 cup frozen bananas
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
2 cups low fat milk
1/4 cup orange juice
2 tbsp honey

Peach Smoothie

1 cup frozen peach slices

1/2 banana, sliced
3 tbsp nonfat yogurt, vanilla flavored
1/4 cup orange juice or apple juice
Sugar to taste

Banana Strawberry Orange Smoothie

1 banana, sliced
1 handful of strawberries
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup orange juice
A handful of ice cubes, crushed
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A Conversation With Peggy Howrigan MD  Plastic Surgery

A Conversation With Peggy Howrigan MD Plastic Surgery

Dr. Howrigan, how did you decide to be a plastic surgeon?

I knew from the time I was six years old, growing up in Vermont, that I wanted to be a doctor.  Years later, while I was in medical school, it became clear that being a surgeon was the right work for me.  I love using my hands, and have a naturally good spatial sense.  I’m also highly visual, and like to talk to people.  Plastic surgery is the perfect specialty for me.

What is your definition of beauty?

A natural appearance that suits the individual’s face and body.   Many different types of faces and bodies are attractive.  It’s a manner of balance, with each feature fitting harmoniously with the others.  You don’t look like you’ve had work done:  you just look great for your age and comfortable in your own skin.

Describe your philosophy of patient care.

I believe the best way to interact with my patients is to collaborate with them.  I am there to listen, to provide information and options, and to let my patient decide what they want to do.  This is interactive medicine. It’s not just me as a doctor telling my patients what they’re going to do.  Most of my patients are seeking elective surgery and each is unique in terms of desires, expectations, and appearance goals.  They are an integral part of the decision making process, even though I am responsible for the quality of care they receive.

What goes on during your initial consultations with your patients?

Initial consultations are a time when to develop a trusting, collaborative relationship with my patient.  I want to learn about the person sitting across from me, so I focus on listening carefully, in order to understand her concerns, the changes she is hoping for, and the expectations she has with regard to appearance goals.

During this visit, my patients sometimes tell me that they’ve had prior consultations with doctors who’ve told them what they needed to have done before the patient has even had a chance to express their presenting problem.  I don’t do that.  The relationship between my patient and me is one of mutual respect and we consider options until we’re both comfortable with the decisions made.  The consultation is a time to for my patient to ask questions, to learn about options, and to discuss pros and cons.  For me, it’s also a time to evaluate the patient, to take measurements, to consider what the best outcome will be and what I can do to achieve it.

Dr. Howrigan, you were trained at one of the most prestigious medical schools in the United States.  Has that been an advantage to you as a practicing surgeon?

Yes, Harvard Medical School gave me the opportunity to study and to learn from excellent professors, particularly during my residencies in plastic surgery.  I was able to train in the renowned teaching hospitals in the area, where I learned the best techniques from the best doctors, adopting them into my own way of performing plastic surgery procedures.  The opportunity to learn from the best continues even now, and I stay abreast of the latest advances in my specialty.

New plastic surgery procedures, new lasers, and new techniques:  the media can’t seem to get enough of these kinds of stories.  Do you find that more patients are asking for specific procedures, based on what they read and see in the media?

One of my primary goals when I see my patients in consultation is to make certain that my staff and I give them the best – and most accurate – information available.  Manufacturers of new treatments and products can directly reach consumers with TV ads and articles that encourage them to ask for this pill or that procedure.  On the one hand, it’s a positive thing for people to learn about their options and to have a hand in making decisions about their own medical care.  But just because a new surgical technique is raved about in the media – or even by certain doctors themselves-that doesn’t mean it’s always better.  The new injectable filler, a new laser…they are approved by the FDA but it is often true that over time they don’t prove themselves to be as effective as anticipated.

I am conservative about taking on the so-called “newest and greatest advance”in a surgical or non-surgical technique until it’s tried and proven over time.  I’m not an early adopter; I’m an advocate and protector of my patients’ health and wellbeing.  I want my patients to have the best procedures, using the best methods and equipment that are right for them specifically.   Patients are individuals, and each face and body is unique.  There is no one-choice-fits-all.  And the latest doesn’t always mean the best.

As a female surgeon, do you have a unique insight into the needs of female patients?

Over the years, a growing number of plastic surgery patients have chosen female surgeons and many of them find their way to my office.  I see patients from a fairly wide area: Boston, Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island – as well as those from other states who have been referred to me by my patients.  More women want a female plastic surgeon as time goes on, and it’s true I’m aware of the ways in which women think and feel about their bodies.  In the mid-80’s and up into the early 90’s, enough women had become surgeons and being a woman doctor wasn’t unusual anymore.

Being a female doctor had a neutral impact when I started out, but now it’s a definite asset.   I listen carefully to my patients in order to gain an understanding about what concerns them and what they want.  As a female myself, I understand the female sensibility, so it’s not hard for me to bond with my patients.  I know what it’s like to be a woman, and how hard it is to feel self-conscious about a part of your own body.  I also know how good women feel when they’ve sought and attained treatment for a physical flaw that has bothered them for years.  Yet, I also believe that I also relate well with my male patients.  I want what’s best for each of my patients, and strive to make sure they get it.  That’s the ongoing challenge in my work, which makes it both interesting and enjoyable.

Dr. Howrigan, will you tell us a little about some of the procedures you perform most often and how you think about them?

Of course, and I’ll start with breast augmentation, one of the most requested surgeries in my practice.  As with every consultation I do, I start by asking questions and really listening to my patient.  I want to know what bothers her, what changes are desired, what she’s looking for.

Most of my patients who choose breast enhancement are in their early 30’s through late 50’s.  Many have had their families and have seen changes in their bodies caused by pregnancies, lifestyle choices, and the passage of time.  After the last pregnancy or following a significant weight loss, breasts lose volume and appear saggy.

Many of my breast enhancement patients have waited a long time to do something for themselves, and they now have the opportunity so they tend to be pretty excited. They have the breast enhancement surgery, which fills out the breasts by restoring volume, places them in the appropriate position on the chest, and gives them an appealing appearance.  My staff and I are always delighted to see how happy they are afterwards. They have more confidence, they’re pleased with their bodies, and it’s wonderful to witness the transformation.

The majority of my patients seeking breast enhancement don’t want conspicuous changes or “statement breasts” that are coveted in certain parts of the country; rather, they want a natural look with attractive contours that let them feel good about their bodies and how they look in their clothing.  My patients are typically highly satisfied with their results, and I attribute this to the fact that I understand the female body, I learn what my patient wants and needs, and I know what goes into ensuring a smooth process and a good result.

Implants:  saline or silicone gel?

The media can’t get enough of stories on the saline vs. silicone gel implant question – and opinions vary widely and sometimes spark controversy.  But this is simplistic.  I talk with each patient about the pros and cons of both types of implants, in terms of what they want and which option will be best for them.  Patients who choose silicone gel are getting a procedure that yields a very natural feel and appearance, but women who choose silicone implants have to be willing to have periodic MRIs as required by the FDA protocols.  Saline implants – when selected carefully and placed properly – can also give an aesthetically pleasing result.

How do you optimize the recovery period after breast enhancement surgery?

My nurse specialist does great pre-operative education for my patients, so they know exactly what they need to do to support the best possible experience and result.

Implants are generally placed in the sub muscular (under the muscle) plane and my patients need to allow their bodies the short, but important time period needed to ensure a comfortable and successful recovery.  My staff and I give our patients all the information they need to hasten this process, making sure that they receive small, but important care elements that make the recovery process a positive experience.  For instance, near the end of the surgical process itself, I instill a long-acting local anesthetic that lasts up to 15 hours.  This makes a big difference in terms of my patient’s comfort on Day 1, when they need to be able to relax and rest without stress.

In addition, my staff and I teach our patients how to ice their breasts for the first 48 hours after their procedure.  This simple protocol dramatically reduces discomfort and keeps post-operative swelling down.  I also prescribe pain medication, in case my patient feels that she needs it – but I prescribe it in a formula that also contains a muscle relaxant.  These are small protocols with positive and meaningful impact.  That’s what I mean when I talk about a high standard of care.

What can you tell us about facial rejuvenation procedures and how you go about getting the best result?

The aging face shows a pattern of predictable changes that occur.  As we have grown in our understanding of that process, there’s been a paradigm shift in facial procedures in recent years.  It used to be that there was one primary way to treat the aging face: you cut and you sew.  The facelift was the answer, and patients were older when they had them done.  Now, as surgeons, we focus much more on how a face is aging, and what is needed to optimize the patient’s appearance at any given point in time.

I look at volume changes in the face, as collagen diminishes and the face loses the fullness that signifies a youthful appearance.  As we age, the soft tissue of the cheeks descends, for instance, and the lid skin loosens.  We begin to see thin eyelid skin over bone, with no fat to support it.  We also lose volume around the mouth.  The lips get thinner and longer, and the nasolabial folds (vertical creases on either side of the mouth from the lower nose downward) increase.  We also lose volume on either side of the chin, which means jowls form.  For instance, we now know that changes can even be seen in the skeleton as we age and these changes are visible in CT scans.  If you look at a young person’s face, when
the mouth is in repose (relaxed), the teeth are visible.  This is subtle sign of youth.  As we age, the upper lip gets longer and the teeth are not visible and this can give an aged appearance.

Facial rejuvenation is now typically achieved by doing a number of smaller procedures that address fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume.  For example, I can do a lip lift as an adjunct to other facial work, which will give the mouth a more youthful appearance.  And I do fat grafting to fill in areas of the face where volume has been lost.  For patients who are good candidates for a facelift, fat grafting is often done as an adjunct procedure to replace that lost volume.  It gives a much more natural, attractive result that doesn’t look like an obvious facelift.

Fat grafting and transfer has a dramatic impact, making the face look years younger. We use a number of different fillers now, such as Juvederm and Restylane, but our own body fat can be the best choice in many cases.  It’s our own tissue, so we’re not allergic to it.  I transplant cells from one place to another by harvesting excess fat from the abdomen or hip, and place it where it’s needed to add volume.  It’s longer lasting, and can take years off the face.

Fat can be placed in the area around the eyes that have lost volume and appear gaunt.  It can supplement a facelift, so that the result is a face that’s smooth and taut, with the right amount of fat underneath to support the skin.  Fat grafting is also an excellent standalone procedure for those who don’t need facelifts.  It’s excellent for smoothing out and softening nasolabial folds, and it can last for years.  I enjoy doing fat transfers, and the results are highly gratifying.

What would you like to share about rhinoplasty, in terms of achieving the best result?

The key here is the surgeon’s understanding of what will make the nose fit with the rest of the face – to be the face congruent.   I want the corrected nose to look like it’s always been that way, that it’s harmonious with the rest of the face.  This means the size and shape must fit the individual patient or the outcome will not be good.   Many years ago, the trend was to make the nose small and slightly upturned – a nose that didn’t fit many of the patients who had it done.  Part of the problem is that there is no size and shape that works for everyone: rhinoplasty is a highly individualized surgery.  I have to consider not only what will look good after the healing process is completed, but also what will look good in 20 or 30 years.  What’s ‘cute’ when you’re 16 isn’t cute when you’re 50.

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Guys do F-cup natural breasts scare you

Guys do F-cup natural breasts scare you

My friend is a 34-F and was once told they were too big by her significant other. There are no physical complications i.e. back trouble from her size, and she is not contimplating a reduction. She’s simply curious as to whoo-hoo!!! vs. eeeeeeeeeeeeeekk!!!!

Public Comments

  1. yeah i like it.
  2. The only time they would scare me is if my face was between them and I couldn’t catch my breath. Otherwise, as long as they are not causing her physical problems I don’t mind looking. I would play with them but my wife might have an objection.
  3. Nothing wrong with that
  4. it could be potentially attractive, as long as they were proportionate. but it also depends a lot on her body itself. but its not necessarily a bad thing at all
  5. In honesty, although breast size means very little to me, I prefer B to C sizes. Anything bigger is more than necessary.
  6. It’s a wonder she don’t fall over walking.
  7. Her boyfriend is probably in the minority. There are plenty of men out there more than happy to date a girl with puppies that large.
  8. Yes more than a C cup gets to be yucky to me at least
  9. definately dont scare me, but i would prefer them smaller, and would probably think that they are fake.
  10. its scary cuz no ones tits get that big n wen u cht u like shit ur self n thnk someones has boob plants lol n wen u find out there real ur lke hell omfg there like monsters lol
  11. I’d need to get a picture of them before I answer. Somehow I can’t see a sig. other saying they were too big. Big breasts, small breasts. I love women. It would not make me go eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Any girl will make me go whoo-hoo!!
  12. I dont think that is big and pl dont ah ho abut it most of the guys like it.
  13. If she doesn’t have any back pain then good for her! How much does she weigh?

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Kerosine Heaters

Kerosine Heaters

Buying a kerosine heater
If you are considering purchasing kerosine heaters then you need to do your research and make sure that you are buying a safe product that will appeal to you and your situation.

These heaters can be a good investment because you can heat your home easily without running up your electric bill. They might seem a little expensive just buy seeing the price but if you sit down and think about it then it would be worth it in the long run because kerosine is not that expensive and it sure is easier on the wallet than the electric bill.

These types of heaters will last a very long time if they are used and maintained properly. When you are buying kerosine heaters whether it is your first or not you should always read the users manual because no 2 heaters run the same or are taken care the same.

Also when buying or just shopping around whether you are buying one new or used make sure you are getting the best deal. For instance don’t just buy the first heater you see just because it seems like a good deal. Keep looking and you will probably find an even better deal.

Kerosine heaters can be purchased online or in most hardware or house ware sections in big stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Lowes, Ace Hardware and many more stores. Some places online that kerosine heaters can be purchased are also and woodlandproducts-com.

On Amazon these kinds of heaters can be bought brand new or used what ever you prefer and the prices on Amazon run any where from $20.00 to $1000.00. On woodlandproducts-com they can be purchased any where from $100.00 to $2500.00 but the prices will all depend on the BTU of each heater. The BTU on kerosine heaters starts at around 10,000 BTU and go up to 650,000 BTU

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