The Aces Casino Blog Has Entered The Real Estate Market! (Well, not really. ) We’re in an Aces Casino Entertainment "Fixer-Upper" Mood!

 Hi and hello to all of the many members of the Neilson Family! Since Grampa Neilson has passed on, the five siblings (Verna, Rodney, Robert (Bud), Ron and Teresa) now have to take on the task of settling Grampa’s estate, not the least part of which is the patriarch’s Southern California home, purchased in 1958.

So, here’s the latest — The home has just recently been sold to a real estate liquidation corporation, named “Sellers Advantage.” This company’s main source of income is to purchase those properties that could use a little ‘facelift,’ and then re-sell the recently purchased house for a profit in the current boom-market here in SoCal.
So….. I thought that anyone that has spotted one of these “fix-it” home renovation shows might want to find out just how this works.
So, to that end, welcome one and all to the “Neilson House, Day One.” blog. We’ll be posting mostly twice a week, when things begin to happen to the home. I pestered the guy that showed up to begin work on the house about how he thought things would progress with the house, and he told me, straight-faced, that he and his team would have this home ready to re-sell in 30 DAYS.
Well, we will see. OK, here are the first pictures of the house. Nothing happening on the exterior of the house, but, as you can tell, today must have been “Tear out the carpet and the baseboards” day! We’ll be back next week with new pics of the house. Take care, see you then!

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